The most famous gastronomic products of this region are Pirot cheese, white cheese, ginger, ironed sausage and lamb, served with homemade bread, squeezed milk, ajvar and the like, require additional explanation.

Ironed sausage is a unique Pirot specialty of the highest quality goat, beef and sheep meat, to which are added spices, and then ironed and dried on wind. There is no thermal treatment of the product. The bottle is mostly used for ironing and the end product is in the shape of a horseshoe. The first World Sausage Making Championship was held in Pirot in 2011, and this event will eventually grow into the Pirot Sausage Fair, which takes place on the last weekend of January. This product was not offered all year round, but mostly in winter, which was reflected in sales, especially in the tourist season when there are most guests. Recently, however, one manufacturer from this area offers ironed sausage all year long.