Due to favorable winds and good climate, slopes around Niš are suitable for paragliding activities. Some of the most prestigious paragliding competitions were organized in Serbia – Paragliding World Cup in Višegrad, above the town of Sićevo (PWC Sićevo 2005) and Third World Cup in the precise landing on Koritnik. Koritnik is located 4 km from the center of Niška Banja and is recommended for beginners. Koritnik can be reached by a car and is located at 550 m above sea level (the paraglider landing is at altitude of 220 m). Višegrad is located above the village of Sićevo near village Oreovac and is intended for more experienced and brave people. The path that leads to the top of Višegrad (from where paragliders can take off) is at 1,020 m above sea level, and the landing is at 320 m (which makes an altitude difference of 700 m). The best time for paragliding rides is from May to September, although it is possible all year round.