The river Rosomača, which belongs to the river basin of the Visočica river, created an impressive gorge, called Rosomača Pots (Serbian “Rosomački lonci”). It is located 30 km from Pirot, near village Slavinje on the slopes of Stara Planina. The gorge is marked and is reachable on foot (15 minutes walk from center of Slavinje) or by bicycle. Gorge is full of small pots (whirlpools) in rock pits which emphasize its beauty. The sides of the gorge are extremely steep and inaccessible. One part of the gorge is reachable only through the river. However, the best view of the canyon are from the left river bank. The unique scenery of this part of landscape of Stara Planina is a real undiscovered treasure. The water of Rosomača river is clean and potable.