Symbol of spring, associated with wishes for health and fertility, the beginning of a new cycle in nature. This is the Baba Marta Day. Martenitsa is a symbol of life and health, of the fact that life is infinite. White and red threads are infinitely intertwined and symbolizing that humans are part of nature.

This is an ancient tradition from time immemorial, which transports us to the world of the Thracians and Proto-Bulgarians. An old legend says that the Thracians wore martenitsas to mark the end of the winter, awakening of nature and new life. According to another, their appearance is connected with the arrival of Asparuhov’s Bulgarians. They believed that the evil force -“evil” existed in nature, but the martenitsa had the magic force that protects its owner from evil influence. On March 1, it is customary for the oldest woman to clean the house before sunrise, to spread red cloth outside to please Baba Marta to protect the house and its occupants. Twisted white and red martenitsa threads are tied to children and young brides.