Ancient and medieval Fortress “Kaleto” – Berkovitsa is a Thracian, ancient, Late antiquity, medieval and Ottoman fortress. Kaleto is a cultural monument of historical significance. The architectural excavations began in 1961 and an external and internal fortress wall of the late Antiquity was discovered, with separate rooms between them.

The outer fortress wall from the late antiquity was discovered almost entirely. Situated along one of the horizontals of the hil, it is made of stone and a white choral solder with added gravel. It is 1.3 m thick.

An architectural complex of late Antiquity was cleared in the western part. From the northeast and northern side, where the fortress is the easily accessible, are found remains of a fortified moat. After the destruction of the stronghold during the Late antiquity (perhaps after Justinian), fortification facilities were erected later – during the second Bulgarian state.

“Kaleto” is a wooded hill. It rises to the north as a wind wall and a natural park of Berkovitsa. Through a wide avenue the greenery of the hill enters the city centre. From the main street along the marble Bridge of Berkovska Reka and near hotel-restaurant “Marble”, asphalted promenade and natural paths are leading to the meadow where the hunting house is.